MS Paint Issues And Solution

MS Paint is basically it is one of the most popular drawing tool in every MS windows, which is used to paint and graphics design and also say MS paint is the multi-utility program. We can use MS Paint for the purpose of drawing, in photo editing, and it supports image files like JPEG, TIFF, JPG.

We know MS Paint is the great organizer of Microsoft programs, like drawing a picture, editing a picture, and drawing. Microsoft Paint Customer Service is a very useful app, where users can edit a photo using paint by adding text, change the color of pictures, and also change other effects using MS Paint.

MS Paint Features:

1. It's very simple and easy to use for users, and it didn't create any difficulty for beginners.

2. It is developed by Microsoft for all versions of windows

3. Here you can select two or more color at a time for use, primary color by the left clicking on the mouse and the secondary color by the right clicking on the mouse.

4. In MS Paint you can draw pictures by adding text, lines, and in different shapes.

Issues & There Solution:

1. Sometimes cursor doesn't work at the time of use.


When this problem is occurred first check you mouse If it does not work properly then change it. If the mouse is working properly then go to Microsoft official site and create a new account because sometimes old account might be corrupted.

2. Re-coloring doesn't work sometimes.


It can be resolved by removing of and also the corrupted file that causing an error. After, that again install

3. Sometimes it shows the unwanted materials that interrupt you at the time of working.


If your paint film contains foreign particles. You can resolve this problem by the filtration process.

4. In MS Paint Service sometimes refuses to save files.


When you resizing the image then this type of problem occurred. It means when you are going to save your files after resizing then it says paint can't save the file.

You can resolve this problem by renaming the file that you want to save.


If you are facing these problems or other problem regarding MS Paint and want to know more information about MS Paint then simply contact Microsoft Paint Support Where you get two or more solutions to your problems by our executives 24*7.

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